Bose Professional – Innovation begins with exploration

“Bose is a problem-solving company. It’s been that way since the beginning. When our founder, Dr. Amar Bose, bought a premium stereo that produced less-than-premium sound, he started researching, and he founded the company to keep researching. And we’ve never stopped. Dr. Bose believed exploration is its own reward, a gift in itself, and his story shows just how powerful that belief turned out to be.”

Bron: website Bose

Bose Professional audio - Media Service


Media Service Maastricht heeft reeds in vele projecten Bose Professional audio-oplossingen op maat geïnstalleerd. Hieronder een kleine selectie van referentieprojecten.

Sportcomplex Koning Willem-Alexander

Walpot Uitvaartzorg & Crematorium

Maastricht University – Statenzaal

Maastricht University – DKE

NATO Industrial Complex - Media Service

NATO Industrial Complex

Gemeente Landgraaf

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